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BenQ Sets Touch Photography Trend with New E1050t Digital Camera

BenQ Sets Touch Photography Trend with New E1050t Digital Camera

Touch Interface Lets Users Tap to Shoot, Circle to Zoom, and Swipe to Browse & Play

BenQ unveils its latest digital camera, the 10-megapixel E1050t featuring 3x optical zoom and a large 3.0-inch touch screen display. BenQ’s innovative touch interface allows users to take pictures by tapping the screen, zoom in by circling the subject, and control video playback or browse photos by swiping the screen. The E1050t also offers AF Assist Lamp, HD 16:9 mode, Night Scene and 29 shooting modes for sharply focused, vibrant pictures.

Tap, Circle, Swipe for Easy Shooting and Photo Editing
The BenQ E1050t eliminates complicated buttons and menus in favor of a revolutionary touch interface. Capturing the touch trend of the hottest consumer electronics devices, the E1050t allows users to take and browse pictures instinctively with three intuitive functions - Tap to Shoot, Circle to Zoom and Swipe to Browse.

Tap to Shoot
"Tap to Shoot" function allows users to take pictures via a simple tap on the touch screen instead of pressing the shutter button. It also enables you to track and capture moving subject by dragging the focus frame shown on the touch screen with a simple letting go of the finger to instantly capture the image.
Circle to zoom
To enlarge a specific portion of the image, simply draw a circle around the location with your fingertip. The E1050t will instantly perform a 12x zoom to the circled area. Plus, by using the picture cropping mode, users can save the enlarged image as a new image.

Swipe to Browse
Playback is no longer a pain with the E1050t’s ingenious functionality, which includes “swipe” recognizing ability – it’s the only camera currently available to perform functions with a simple finger swipe across the screen.  While reviewing pictures, swipe a finger right to left across the screen to see the next picture; swipe left to right to see the previous image. 
When playing video or audio content, users can tap the playback bar forward (advance) or backwards (rewind), thus eliminating the hassles of restarting the content from the beginning every time. A powerful “Scribbling” function is another convenience, enabling users to save notes about their pictures in real time.

Together with the new touch interface, the E1050t delivers impressive photographs with a host of intelligent features. The E1050t’s Super Shake-Free Hotkey provides crystal-clear action photographs as the user taps away rapid shots, and onboard Red-Eye Remover eliminates unsightly red eyes during playback. Moreover, its 16:9 (1920 x 1080) HD mode allows pictures to be taken in HD 16:9 formats, while AF Assist Lamp enables users to take pictures in dim lighting without the need for artificial flash.
The E1050t also offers 29 shooting modes, each customized to distinct environmental scenarios including Night Scene mode to take clear, beautiful photos even in low-light settings.