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Short distance – amazing big view

Short distance – amazing big view

Value Performer Offers More for Far Less 

November 2008 – BenQ is the only vendor worldwide which offers both XGA and SVGA Short Throw projectors in its portfolio. The advanced Short Throw technology offers huge benefits – not only for the usability but also for the health.

Who buys short-throw projector? Which model to look for?
•  Home (Gamer) - MP512 ST (very suitable to connect with gaming consoles)
•  Education (Professor/ Teacher) – MP522 ST entry/ middle education, MP771 high/middle school
•  Commercials (SOHO / Sales / Small meeting Room) - MP522 ST Small office or meeting room, MP512 ST SOHO
•  Public Display ( Bank/ Department Store / Museum) - MP771

Why should people use Short-Throw projectors? 
Short Throw projectors do not need a large throw distance. So even for small meeting rooms or the living room at home nobody has to worry about the place. As the projector can be located pretty close to the wall there are no shadows on whiteboard or display screen as the presenter will not stand in this gap. Also as the projector is close to the screen, the presenter can avoid the glare into presenter’s eye.

What are the benefits?
Short Throw projectors deliver big image without any space concern. They are easy to use and ensure small maintenance and operational cost.

The BenQ Short Throw product range
For home entertainment and gaming, the MP512 ST lets the family move freely about without interfering with the image being displayed, a benefit that is especially evident when watching movies or playing interactive gaming systems such as Nintendo’s Wii. For movie-watching, the short-throw distance – which is half that of conventional projectors – ensures no one getting up will disrupt the movie. Two integrated 5-watt speakers, comprehensive connectivity including future-proof HDMI (HDCP), 2200 ANSI lumens and 2500:1 contrast ratio all make the MP512 ST the perfect home entertainment companion for movies, PlayStation3®, Xbox 360® and more. The stylish, sleek snow-white design compliments any home décor.

Able to project a 55” image from just a meter away (same as the MP512 ST), the MP522 ST opens more usable space in small classrooms and meeting rooms. Viewers and presenters are able to move freely in the space behind the projector without crossing the projection path, an especially convenient feature for fidgety students. Standing behind the projector also prevents the presenter’s shadow from being cast on the screen and eliminates the health risks of the bright lamp shining into the presenter’s eyes. A practical 5W speaker and exceptional value fit the bill for SMB, SOHO and education, while its award-winning design makes an impressive statement in professional corporate settings.

For public display, hospitality and education, the Short Throw MP771 is an excellent solution that helps create more energy, spontaneity and movement not only in small classrooms, but in any crowded venue. In a store, at the museum, or in a lecture hall, the audience can move freely without disrupting the display and the ambiance. Ultra short throw capability means the MP771 can display an incredible 74” image from just a meter while 3000 lumens, a high 2000:1 contrast ratio and the leading-edge UNISHAPE® technology. The UNISHAPE® technology is able to vary the intensity of the projector lamp in synchronization with its digital mirror device (DMD) and color wheel, allowing an increase of 40% in brightness and boosts specific colors in different setting modes.