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BenQ BH280 Digital Signage

Eternal Light Display Panel

The BH Series has an amazing average life of 50,000 hours – enough for several years of non-stop service. With the reliable industrial-class performance and sturdy build, the BenQ Digital Signage displays are markedly more economic than consumer models.

BenQ BH280 Digital Signage
BenQ BH280 Digital Signage

Rotational Axis Display

BenQ puts extra attention on scenarios in which portrait mode communicates better. The PID panel employs a structure featuring more solid fixing points on all edges to prevent “Mura” image distortion common on vertically positioned consumer displays.

Multi-Formational Display

The BH series possess special proportional sizes that are wider than the general PID panel and are more suitable for special demands. Example: Public Transit System (MRT Train Advertisement Boxes) Elevators, Bank interior Display monitors, or any display space that calls for a long and narrow design.

BenQ BH280 Digital Signage

Smart-Light Function

The level of brightness can reach over 800 nits and can be displayed in multiple environments. Even if used in semi-outdoor environments, the screen information can still be seen clearly.

BenQ BH280 Digital Signage

Superior Reliability

The BH280's metal case is much more reliable than a common plastic case, and can be applied to an indoor advertising suspension or transportation centers.

BenQ BH280 Digital Signage