BenQ Interactive Flat Panel T650

Optical Touch

The Optical Touch always gives responsive feedback with accurate positioning. You can touch the screen to pan, zoom and scroll images with two fingers with the Nextwindow™ technology. This eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard, so you can operate education software or presentations like using a tablet to enjoy an engaging experience.


10-bit PID Panel

BenQ is not only cost efficient ls with its superior energy efficiency but also offers the best display performance. The PID (Public Information Display) panel is made for extended daily use while keeping uniform brightness, high reliability and superior durability as the vivid 10-bit color offers smooth, natural color transitions in gradients.

Normal Panel 10-bit Panel


Video Wall

BenQ's solutions allow you to assemble several displays into a large one to accommodate multiple windows or other usages that require a large screen. With the built-in DVI port, you can splice an image from 1x2 to 5x5 screens for flexible placement of images.


Anti-Image Retention

Screens that display the same image for an extended period of time could end up having an "imaging sticking" problem, fortunately BenQ has an answer: the Anti-Image Retention feature randomly rotates each pixel on the screen with effects barely noticeable to the human eye; this measure actively protects the display to make its service life even longer.

Image Retention Free Shift to Other Image Image Retention


Internal Temperature Sensor

BenQ displays are made to last and save energy, yet self-diagnostics and protective measures are still featured for safety. The internal temperature sensors continuously register the thermal status of the displays and make appropriate adjustments to the system for better reliability and power efficiency in the entire lifecycle.


RJ45 LAN Control

The BenQ display system can be monitored, controlled and updated via the common RJ45 Ethernet connections. This feature enables system administrators to operate the system and change the video source from a remote location. That is, the staff can have total control over the system without being there, saving travel time and cost. (TL650 only)


Ambient Light Sensor

Our environment doesn't always have the same ambient light, and our displays are accordingly adaptable. For instance, the standard daytime brightness setting could be too strong for the afternoon or evening, resulting in sore and fatigued eyes. BenQ displays are equipped with ambient light sensors that automatically adjust brightness according to the ambient light to make viewing more comfortable.

11:25 16:45 21:15 Comfortable brightness for high ambient light environment But too high brightness makes eyes stressed and tired