BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch Curved Monitor | BenQ Europe

BenQ EX3200R 31.5" Curved Monitor

Expand Your Entertainment Area


1800R Ultra Curve
An Unforgettable Immersive Experience

Featuring 1800R curvature, the EX3200R takes viewing to cinematic heights, wrapping your range of vision with lifelike action, creating the perfect immersive entertainment experience for the movie enthusiast.


Cinema Mode
Indulge Your Senses

Recreate the dynamics of a cinema in the comfort of your home. Cinema Mode automatically fine-tunes the color settings in video footage, delivering vibrant, lifelike visuals on the screen.

Video Format Support For Film-like Motion

With Video Format Support (1080/24P, 25P, 30P Playback Support), videos can be displayed at the correct cadence, without the need for pulldowns, which distort playback of the source video.


144Hz High Refresh Rate
Smooth Frame Rates

Don’t miss out on the details of fast-moving action. Enjoy movies seamlessly with EX3200R’s high refresh rate of 144 Hz.


Flicker-free & Low Blue Light for Viewing Comfort

BenQ’s Flicker-free technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels for a comfortable viewing experience. BenQ Low Blue Light Technology is designed to filter out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation.