BenQ treVolo Wireless Bluetooth Portable Electrostatic Speaker


Media Reviews

“the BenQ treVolo reproduces just the right balance in everything from hip-hop to jazz to bluegrass—for up to 12 hours on a single charge.” --- Maxim (U.S.) More


“Faultless build and finish. Sound reproduction is clear, homogeneous and accurate” --- Les Numeriques /DigitalVersus (FR/UK) More


“The speakers are targeted at people with an ear for detail and are more interested in sweet strings than thumping bass ” --- MacWorld (AU) More


“Excellent clarity in the mids and highs. Rich, natural bass response. Unique design with folding electrostatic speaker panels. Built-in speakerphone.” --- PC Magazine (U.S.) More


“A new kind of portable Bluetooth Speaker. Honest!” --- The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo (U.S.) More


“Not only does the treVolo come in an altogether perfect design, we don’t have a bad word to say about its craftmanship either.” --- AVMagazin (DE) More

Take Flight on the Purest Musical Journey with the BenQ treVolo

Every note is unique for discriminating listeners and audiophiles. The resonance of the human voice, the complex interaction of instruments, and the blending harmonies are key elements in music that are often missed with traditional wireless speakers.

With the world’s first portable Bluetooth® speaker with Electrostatic Diaphragm Technology, the BenQ treVolo enables astonishing clarity and absolute precision for your favorite vocal and acoustic music.


“tre” is the sum of three Es: Electrostatic, Enjoyment and Everywhere. When fused with the Italian word “Volo”, which means flight, treVolo is formed to bring BenQ’s brand promise and belief to life – uplift your musical journey to new heights of audio satisfaction, and take you flying with music.

BenQ Electrostatic Diaphragm Technology

Unconventionally designed with BenQ’s Electrostatic Diaphragm Technology, the treVolo incorporates a quad-amplified design that utilizes two BenQ electrostatic panels with dual bass drivers and passive radiators, for flat frequency response to 90 dB. The treVolo radiates a high level of audio detail from every angle to deliver precision vocals and harmonies the way they are meant to be heard. The clarity of each note is ensured by the highest reproduction accuracy for the original audio source, natural and true. What’s more, the broadened sound range immerses you in a whole new experience of audio dynamics and realism.


The design of the electrostatic panels enables sound to be projected in front and behind of the speaker to enhance sound projection over a large surface area for a broadened sound range, just the way a live instrument such as a violin projects sound throughout the room - in multiple directions.

Comparison Chart

The treVolo's electrostatic drivers emit sound freely forward and backward, so they have a more spacious, natural sound. Conventional full-range drivers emit sound only forward.


Vertical dispersion of the entire thin-film diaphragm offers bidirectional sound projection over a large surface area for a more detailed audio performance in just about any space.

Sound Reproduction

Uses traditional cone drivers that may struggle to provide clear sound though the audio range.
Quad amplified system with active DSP crossovers provides seamless transitions from low to high ranges, enabling you to hear the details in your music.

Audio Distinctiveness

Often use passive crossovers with more emphasis on bass tones, and with highs that can sound muddy.
Sound is produced on both sides of the speaker, like a real instrument. This exudes a spacious and natural sound.

Placement and Spatial Requirement

Sound projects only in one direction from the speaker.

Precision-Tuned Speaker & Quad Amplified Design

The treVolo's precision-tuned speaker and quad amplifier design ensure precise bass performance while achieving balance and neutrality in the overall performance of mid- and high-range sounds. So clean and accurate sounds can be produced to please even the most demanding audiophile.

Within the treVolo, the low frequencies are driven by two high-quality, high-excursion 2.5-inch woofers, combined with passive radiators to deliver crisp, accurate bass at 60Hz. In addition, each driver in the treVolo is powered by its own amplifier channel, and uses an advanced DSP chip to smoothly transition from low to high frequencies.


BenQ TrueSound Technology

The BenQ treVolo speaker also features a unique technology called TrueSound, that can help improve sound quality on highly compressed legacy audio files. If the speaker’s DSP chip detects the loss of higher frequency data due to a low bit rate recording or high compression levels, TrueSound will improve the detail in the higher ranges of the audio spectrum that can be lost on a low bit rate recorded file. For normal audio content, such as purchased music, internet subscription services, and files encoded at normal compression levels, the treVolo directly passes through the sound for the best possible audio quality.


aptX Transmission

CD-quality aptX® Bluetooth® gives you the highest support for Bluetooth® signal transmission for the most faithfully reproduced audio bandwidth, and minimized latency and sync issues. So you can enjoy the best sound quality each and every time.


Line-Out Support

The optional Line-out feature turns the speaker into a high-quality wireless Bluetooth® signal receiver. So you can enjoy CD-like quality sound wirelessly from your smart devices to your mid- to large-sized Hi-Fi stereo system.


Equalization Modes - Listen to Your Music Your Way

The treVolo gives you three built-in ambience modes–Pure (green indicator light) with minimal equalization, Warm (red indicator light) with a slight increase in bass, and Vivid (blue indicator light) –that highlights lead voices and instruments such as guitars and saxophones.


Speakerphone Convenience

For incoming calls, all you need to do is press the receive button on the speaker and speak directly into the integrated noise-cancellation microphone for a crystal clear conversation. Once you’re finished, the music will resume automatically.


USB Transmission

Enables you to send a pure digital audio signal transmission directly to the treVolo speaker through a MicroUSB connector.


BenQ Audio APP

Systems supported: Android™ v4 or above/iOS v7 or above The APP allows you to check for battery information and switch between ambience modes. The Android™ version also offers a Sleep Timer feature to help you automatically shut down the speaker.


12 Hours of Playing Time

A single charge of treVolo’s rechargeable battery gives you 12 hours of uninterrupted audio enjoyment. So you can take your music on the go without worrying about the battery life.